Crowd Of Kenyan Students Sport Leftover Mitt Romney Campaign Shirts (PHOTOS)

If you thought his ancestral roots would give Barack Obama an in with Kenyans, then you might be surprised to learn that students at the Orbit Village Project school in Nairobi appear to be big fans of Mitt Romney.

Photos obtained by The Daily Caller show a crowd of students smiling while they wear Romney-Ryan campaign shirts. Hundreds of the campaign-themed garments were given to the children by the Knox County Romney Campaign of Tennessee, which did not want the leftover shirts to go to waste after Romney's failed bid at the U.S. presidency in 2012.


“Instead of putting them into a storage unit or something we were like, ‘We can generate some good out of these shirts,’” Alexander Waters of the Knox County Romney Campaign told The Daily Caller, adding, “I’ve been over there and a shirt can go a long way.”

Alexander's aunt, Cyndy Waters, founded the Orbit Village Project. Speaking to BuzzFeed about the donation, she said that students in Kenya care deeply about American politics, making the shirts especially significant.

“Kenyan students love to talk about politics and very much admire the way Americans handle elections," she told the outlet. "Kenya’s last two elections have very much affected today’s students.”

Indeed, it was just several months ago that a Kenyan mother named her newborn twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

To see photos of the Orbit Village students outfitted in their Mitt Romney gear, check out the slideshow below.



Kenyan Children Wear Romney Shirts