Kenyan Embassy Mocks Tea Party Movement, Promotes Kenyan Tea With Capitol Tea Party

The Kenyan Embassy is set to promote one of its biggest exports and mock the tea party movement at the same time.

According to Talking Points Memo, the embassy has sent out invitations to a tea party next week, inviting attendees to "Find out what a real tea party is like."

The event, to be held at the U.S. Capitol, will feature tea tastings, food pairings and tea leaf readings, according to the invite. Kenya's deputy prime minister is also scheduled to attend.

One of Kenya's biggest exports is tea, and it bills itself on the invite as the world's top exporter. The crop is even included on its coat of arms.

The embassy's tea party comes less than a week after Tax Day tea party protesters descended on Washington, D.C.

A recent CBS/New York Times poll found that many self-described tea partiers are also "birthers," who doubt President Obama's birthplace. According to the poll, 30% of tea partiers and 20% of all Americans believe that Obama was not born in the U.S. and therefore cannot be the country's legitimate leader. Despite the release of the president's birth certificate, many believe that he was born in Kenya, where his father lived.

At last week's tax day protests, attendees held signs saying "Go Back To Kenya" and "A village in Kenya is missing its idiot."

Jon Chessoni, the Kenyan Embassy's first secretary, struck out at birthers in a 2009 Washington Independent article about a forged copy of a Kenyan birth certificate for President Obama. Chessoni told the Independent that "it's maddness" to continue to question Obama's birthplace and that birther claims are baseless.