Royalty-Free Fashion: "Watermarked" Kenzo Men's F/W 2012 Collection Video

The universe of "fashion videos" is a barren wasteland for creativity, replete with pouty faces and broken doll poses and stuff that pretty much makes one embarrassed to have even taken the time to watch something like that.

And this is why we're posting a fashion video today -- one that is finally worth watching. Producing a lookbook video without the cringe-factor deserves praise alone, but crafting one that could just as well be presented at the MoMA is something that is simply not done, or even dreamt.

The Kenzo F/W 2012 lookbook video, created by DIS, yields an ominous and extremely unsettling world in which models shake hands, network, and eventually embrace. The white-collar tension in the video is almost unbearable, while at the same time, utterly hilarious.