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How A Keratin Treatment Tamed This Woman's Frizzy Hair And Saved Her Date Nights (VIDEO)

We got a feeling she won't be single girl for too long.

When it comes to overly hyped hair trends, like the Brazilian Blowout, ombre highlights and box braids, women will go to extreme lengths to experiment with what's considered the latest. Or in many cases, a time-saving (and peace of mind-giving) treatment.

In the video above, we are introduced to Bethel ... and her frizzy hair. The young, vivacious woman laments that her locks "puffs up like a lion" as soon as it air dries. She is then forced to pull it back into a boring ponytail, making for a so-not-sexy look on date nights.

To give Bethel more control when it comes to styling her hair at home, celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright starts by applying a keratin hair treatment. The super-straightening formula reduces frizz and allows her to go from pin straight to loose and curly. Hair color specialist Renee Taglia adds richness and warmth to Bethel's look with a chocolate shade. To complete the makeover, Wright uses a large barrel curling iron to create waves like J.Lo's that accentuate her layers.

What do you think about Bethel's new smooth and shiny hairstyle? Would you try a keratin hair treatment? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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