This Artist's Pun-tastic Artwork Is The Cutest Wordplay Ever

Because puns are fun.

While we often shudder at the thought of cheesy pun humor, these wordplay illustrations are pretty adorable. 

Artist Keren Rosen illustrates literal interpretations of idioms, phrases and nouns making for the most punderful art you've ever seen. The artist, who began her series last year, told The Huffington Post that so far, she's created more than 50 of these delightful creations. 

The quirky artwork has recently attracted attention across the Internet after Rosen posted a few of the illustrations on art and photography community site Bored Panda, and has been picked up by various media outlets. 

"It makes me extremely happy to get positive remarks and hear that my illustrations make people smile," Rosen told HuffPost. 
The artist's pun collection includes "Old School," which features a schoolhouse with a beard and cane, and "Fast Food," which shows a carton of French fries running away. Rosen told HuffPost that she usually thinks of word combinations that can have various meanings to illustrate. Some of her Facebook followers have also gotten involved in the project. 
"Recently, a lot of followers started sending me more ideas, which makes this project even better by turning it from a personal to a collaborative one in which anyone can take part," Rosen said. 
The artist came up with the idea for the series while working on a different project about dogs. When searching images of dogs and other house pets, the idea dawned on her to combine houses and dogs. That's how her first pun illustration, "House Pets," was born. 
Rosen said she hopes to complete 100 pun illustrations in total. 
Check out some more of her illustrations below. 
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