Kerri Walsh Jennings Shows How To End The Year Like A True Champ

It's all about the little things.

Kerri Walsh Jennings's bio is a long list of enviable life-goals.

She's a three-time Olympic gold medalist; she and Misty May-Treanor set a record for winning 113 tournaments in a row; she's married and a mother of three (and competed in the Olympics while pregnant with two of the three); she's in super great shape and as positive and happy as ever.

her accomplishments are prime inspiration for any New Years Resolution List you might want to make. And now that she can add "ambassador" to her list (she works with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze), we asked Walsh Jennings how she survives the holidays with her healthy lifestyle.

Stay Into It

"I love the holidays, and I love working out," she said in the video above. "So when I think of working out over the holidays, it's exciting to me."

But Treat Yourself

"It looks like a very balanced plate. It's not like a mountain of everything," she says about building her holiday dinner plate. It's about discipline, but giving yourself a splurge here and there. "I do not feel shame in enjoying holiday dinners."

Anything Can Be A Workout

It's easy to keep stay on top of your workouts: "Whatever you have around you that's you're going to use to work out. A lot of times, it's just body weight stuff, it's push ups, sit ups. All these things I've learned in pilates."

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