Kerry Teaches Other Dems a Lesson

After Kerry blew an attack yesterday on the President, the GOP talk machine piled on him with glee, orgasmic at having found something that they thought they could finally spin their way. A year ago, maybe six months ago, a Democratic leader might have caved and instantly apologized. Remember Dick Durbin crying on the Senate floor for telling the truth about Guantanamo? Harry Reid apologizing to GOP senators for criticizing their ethics? Up until this moment in recent Democratic history it seems that a Democrat always backed down and ran away the day after having made any strong criticism against the present administration. The apologies were worse than having said nothing at all because the base gets excited that their leader finally grows a pair and speaks truth to power, but when they immediately retreat again the base is left more disillusioned than ever.

This time, Kerry slapped them right back. If I were on the Daily Show I'd photoshop a picture of Kerry in a wide-brim purple velvet hat and matching purple leisure suit.

Of course this was the side of candidate Kerry those of us who worked for him last time were begging for him to show to the nation. This was the side of candidate Kerry that would assure a jittery public that he had the strength of character to lead us through these dangerous times.

Democrats take note. The GOP have been bullies for decades. If you want to know how to deal with them in the future just study the tape.