Kerry Washington Handles Photoshopped Magazine Cover Like A Boss

So classy, bravo.

Kerry Washington is on the April 4 cover of Adweek, but you may not recognize her when you see it. The "Scandal" actress looks completely unlike herself on the cover of the media magazine, with her skin tone a shade or two lighter and her face clearly photoshopped beyond recognition. 

Washington posted a respectful but frank response to the cover on Instagram Tuesday, writing that she was "taken aback" by the cover, and that the obvious photoshopping made her feel "weary."

"It felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like when I look in the mirror," Washington wrote. "It's an unfortunate feeling."

So...You know me. I'm not one to be quiet about a magazine cover. I always celebrate it when a respected publication invites me to grace their pages. It's an honor. And a privilege. And ADWEEK is no exception. I love ADWEEK. It's a publication I appreciate. And learn from. I've long followed them on Twitter. And when they invited me to do a cover, I was excited and thrilled. And the truth is, I'm still excited. I'm proud of the article. And I like some of the inside images a great deal. But, I have to be honest...I was taken aback by the cover. Look, I'm no stranger to Photoshopping. It happens a lot. In a way, we have become a society of picture adjusters - who doesn't love a filter?!? And I don't always take these adjustments to task but I have had the opportunity to address the impact of my altered image in the past and I think it's a valuable conversation. Yesterday, however, I just felt weary. It felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like when I look in the mirror. It's an unfortunate feeling. That being said. You all have been very kind and supportive. Also, as I've said, I'm very proud of the article. There are a few things we discussed in the interview that were left out. Things that are important to me (like: the importance of strong professional support and my awesome professional team) and I've been thinking about how to discuss those things with anyone who is interested, in an alternate forum. But until then...Grab this week's ADWEEK. Read it. I hope you enjoy it. And thank you for being patient with me while I figured out how to post this in a way that felt both celebratory and honest. XOXOXOX

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James Cooper, Adweek's editorial director, released a statement in response to Washington's post:

"Kerry Washington is a class act. We are honored to have her grace our pages. To clarify, we made minimal adjustments, solely for the cover's design needs. We meant no disrespect, quite the opposite. We are glad she is enthusiastic about the piece and appreciate her honest comments."

Cooper also tweeted about Washington's photoshopping claims:

Washington is no stranger to calling out photoshopped images of herself. In February, she took InStyle magazine to task for allegedly lightening her skin tone for its March issue. But despite being disappointed with the Adweek cover, Washington was keen to emphasize the fact that she was excited to work with the magazine and that she's proud of the article.

"I love Adweek. It's a publication I appreciate. And learn from."

Leave it to Kerry Washington to call out photoshopping in the classiest way imaginable. Bravo. 



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