Kerry Washington Makes Passionate Plea To People 'Mad About Kavanaugh'

"There is so much to be upset about."

Actress Kerry Washington said people upset about recent events in America need to do just one thing — and that is vote in the November midterms.

The “Scandal” star acknowledged on Monday’s broadcast of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that there is “so much to be upset about.”

She listed the controversial confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the pipe bombs sent to leading Democrats and CNN, last weekend’s deadly shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and voter suppression as examples.

Washington said she was “really excited” about the upcoming election, however. She then issued this rallying cry:

“But rather than just be upset, we have to do what democracy does, we have to show up and vote, and we have to make sure that we make the decisions about who is running our country and our states and our cities and our neighborhoods. We have to show up at the polls and vote and let people know who we are and who we want our country to be. Everybody has to show up. I believe, everybody has to vote.”

“If you’re mad about Kavanaugh, vote,” Washington added.

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