The Real Reason Kerry Washington Was Upset Over That Photoshopped Cover

The actress really opens up to Oprah.

Kerry Washington still has more to say about that Adweek cover blasted for being over-Photoshopped.

When attending OWN's "SuperSoul Sessions" in Los Angeles over the weekend, the "Confirmation" star had a frank conversation with Oprah about why that cover struck such a nerve as well as how she feels about Photoshopping in general.

"I want to be really honest: Photoshopping is not the devil," Washington says. "I've had days where I show up to [shoot] the cover of a magazine and I'm in a more hormonal moment of the month and I may have a big red dot here."

In those instances, the actress says she appreciates a little retouching. Covering up a blemish, smoothing out a dress wrinkle – no big deal.

"I've never complained about that," Washington clarifies. "Maybe that is wrong, but I'm just being fully honest."

The Adweek cover, however, didn't rate for her as one of those minor touch-up situations.

"I was very taken aback and very uncomfortable about looking at an image that I did not recognize as myself," Washington says.

She echoed that in her Instagram post, but speaking with Oprah, Washington went further to pinpoint exactly why she had such a strong reaction to the image being so Photoshopped.

"That is not OK with me because that echoes that little girl who thought, 'I wasn't enough,'" she explains. "I know that I'm enough. So don't make me feel like I'm not enough by changing me to fit some idea of what you think I'm supposed to look like. What I look like is OK."



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