Ke$ha's Animal Rights Video Highlights Humane Society's Legislative Agenda

WATCH: Ke$ha Makes Animal Rights A Priority

A new video released by the Humane Society of the United States features pop star Ke$ha talking about her love for animals while highlighting the organization's legislative agenda.

Ke$ha addresses some high-profile animal rights decisions being considered by Congress this session, including bills on animal fighting, laboratory chimpanzees and egg-laying hens in factory farms.

"Now is the time to make animal protection a priority," she says in the video. "I care about animals, and I know you do too."

Egg-laying hens are often held in battery cages, about the size of a sheet of paper, with too little space to spread their wings. A resolution to provide roomier lodgings passed with more than 63 percent of the vote in California last year.

Plans are also in the works to transition all but 50 of the hundreds of government-owned laboratory chimps out of service after a 2011 study by the National Institutes of Health determined that they were no longer necessary for biomedical research. They'll be sent to Louisiana's Chimp Haven, the national sanctuary for retired research chimpanzees.

Another bill aims to protect Tennessee walking horses, often subjected to a practice called "soring" in which intentional pain is inflicted on their legs to produce an exaggerated gait, according to the Humane Society.

This isn't the singer's first activist role. In 2011, she became Humane Society International's first global ambassador for animals.

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