Kesha Delivers Moving Performance Of 'It Ain't Me Babe' At Billboard Music Awards

The singer was joined by Ben Folds onstage.

After controversy surrounding her performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Kesha took to the stage on Sunday night and sang a moving cover of Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe." 

Joined by Ben Folds onstage, Kesha had the entire audience speechless from the moment she opened her mouth. Once again, the singer proved she's got some pretty impressive pipes. When she finished the song, it was clear the 29-year-old was grateful for the applause from the crowd. 

You can watch a snippet of the performance below: 

Last week, Kesha's performance was up in the air after Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald's record label, Kemosabe, rescinded, then subsequently restored, its approval. The label reportedly feared the singer would try to use her performance to make a statement about Gottwald, or bring up their legal battle. 

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