Ke$ha's 'Dirty Love' Video Forgets The Iggy Pop Part

Ke$ha's New Video Forgets The Best Part

Ke$ha closed out 2013 by releasing the video for "Dirty Love," a song from the 2012 album, "Warrior." Ke$ha, who wrote on Twitter that "Dirty Love" was her favorite track off "Warrior," added this note on the video's YouTube page:

Death by glitter. hope u like it. heres my directorial debut for the Dirty Love music video from my warrior album...$

Great and good, but the video version of "Dirty Love" is much different from the one that appears on "Warrior." That "Dirty Love" is a duet between Ke$ha and Iggy Pop (Ke$ha actually name checks Iggy Pop in the song's first few seconds), and it includes a verse sung by the Stooges' frontman that goes like this:

Cockroaches do it in the garbage cans / Rug merchants do it in Afghanistan / Santorum did it in a V-neck sweater / Pornos produce it / But a wild child can do it better

The video version of "Dirty Love" has no such verse, and makes no reference to Iggy Pop at all. It does, however, feature Ke$ha being doused in beer. Watch below:

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