Ke$ha Glues Gold Studs To Shaved Head (PHOTOS)

Ke$ha just got a little more rock 'n' roll -- or at least, her hairstyle did.

In January, the singer shaved one side of her head, and earlier this week, she took the look a little further by gluing gold studs to the side of her head.

In the past she's described her look as "a cross between Keith Richards and a hobo ... a really, ridiculously hot hobo," but on Tuesday, Ke$ha tweeted, "I look like a homeless clown right now."

Which of the two descriptions is better, we're not really sure, but she certainly has a knack for originality. On Wednesday, she tweeted a photo of her new hairstyle and wrote, "It's happening."

The singer, who celebrates her 25th birthday today, is currently working on her next album, due out this spring. Ke$ha recently spoke to Glamour magazine about what it's like to be a woman in rock and her ultimate goal of becoming an icon.

"I know that I have balls. I have bigger balls than a lot of men I meet," she said. "I'm just a ballsy motherf**ker. I'm not afraid of pushing boundaries. That's what you have to do to become an icon."


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