Ke$ha Looks Almost All-Natural With Minimal Styling, Makeup (PHOTOS, POLL)

PICS: Ke$ha Looks... Different

Ke$ha got famous by proclaiming to "Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy," so it should hardly come as a surprise that the pop singer wears wild outfits and routinely tops our weekly worst-dressed list. She even confessed to Jimmy Kimmel that she has someone on payroll whose sole job is to make sure glitter is "covering every inch of my body." So how can a star known her flashy choices keep us on our toes? By keeping it simple, of course.

The 26-year-old singer made our heads turn on Saturday by stripping down her typically ambitious getups in favor of a near-natural look. Ke$ha traded in crazy hats for straight blonde hair and opted for a simple iridescent minidress instead of an over-the-top costume. Classy Ke$ha grounded her look with simple nude pumps. But she couldn't help but to sneak in a little bit of red carpet quirk, accessorizing with her signature flashy gold tooth and a hooped nose ring.

Sure, she may pick wacky outfits we'd never dream of wearing, but we've come to expect the unexpected from Ke$ha. What do you think of her new red carpet look?


kesha hair

kesha hair

Ke$ha tries on different looks for size:

December 2009

Ke$ha's Style Evolution

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