Ke$ha Jewelry Line Looks Suprisingly Earthy (PHOTOS)

First came Florence, then came Angelina and now we have Ke$ha. The eccentric songstress might earn criticism in the fashion department, but she's turning her attention toward the eye-catching accessories that make her sparkle.

Ke$ha has collaborated with noted designer Charles Albert on a new jewelry line. Creatively titled "Kesha Rose by Charles Albert," the collection includes eclectic embellishments like arrowheads, skulls, fossilized shark teeth and turquoise stones.

Ke$ha explained the design process in a press release for Charles Albert:

"Going to their office was like a crazy playground for me – so many fun stones and colors and weird objects. We just sat around and played with all of it for a few days and ended up with a sick collection of pieces in the end."

The pop star took her "crazy playground" experiments out in the wild last week, when she unveiled a preview of the pieces on her Instagram -- and they actually look pretty covetable. Ke$ha poses in the countryside and strokes a pony as she models, emphasizing the jewelry's dark, bohemian appeal.

The line goes on sale later this summer. With a price range from $30 to $750, there's something for every budget in Ke$ha's collection. No word yet if the line will include gold teeth and nose rings.


kesha jewelry

kesha jewelry

kesha jewelry

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