Kesha Officiated A Same-Sex Wedding And It Was Adorable

The pop superstar (and ordained minister) oversaw the nuptials of her longtime makeup artist.

Hollywood makeup artist Vittorio Mascecchia married his longtime boyfriend, Felipe Noquiera, last weekend in a ceremony officiated by none other than his superstar client, Kesha. 

The "Die Young" singer, 28, shared an image of herself presiding over the union of Mascecchia and Noquiera on Instagram, captioned with: "All you need is love." 

#VxF 💍❤️💍 all u need is love 💘💘💘

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Exact details of the nuptials are scarce, but from the looks of the couple's Instagram shots, it appears to have taken place at twilight in a backyard decorated with candles and icicle lights. 


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To add to the cuteness, Mascecchia and Noquiera sealed their union with -- what else? -- oversize ring pops.


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As it turns out, this is Kesha's second time as a same-sex wedding officiant. The singer, who identifies as bisexual, became an ordained minister online so that she could officiate the 2012 wedding of her pals Monique Morrison and Gretchen Helt in Malibu, California, a year before marriage equality was legally recognized by the state. 

"I was honored to participate firsthand in a wedding between two women who love each other," she told CBS. "I saw how much in meant to them, and I can't understand why any person or any law would stand in between that kind of love."

Congratulations, gentlemen! 

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