21 Foods That Should Never, Ever, Ever Be Eaten Without Ketchup

This is indisputable.

The following is an indisputable list of foods that should never be eaten without ketchup. Ketchup is the red cherub of the condiment world; it has a celestial presence that counters greasy, fried bites with its sharp but sweet flavor. It's nice with cheese. And eggs. Chances are you have ketchup in your home -- 97 percent of American households do. After you read and agree with this list, go get it, slather it on something and enjoy.

  1. French fries of any kind -- including, but not limited to, waffle, curly, shoestring and crinkle.
  2. Onion rings.
  3. Grilled cheese when tomato soup isn't around.
  4. Egg sandwich.
  5. Meatloaf -- baked inside, on top and squirted on a piece once it comes out of the oven. Trifecta.
  6. Fish sticks.
  7. Fried shrimp.
  8. Hush puppies.
  9. Plain-flavored potato chips.
  10. Tater tots.
  11. Hash browns.
  12. Home fries.
  13. Roasted potatoes.
  14. Baked potatoes.
  15. All potato derivatives.
  16. Pickles.
  17. Hamburgers.
  18. Cheeseburgers.
  19. Chicken nuggets.
  20. Hot dogs. Don't fight this. Don't make the mustard argument. You can have mustard, but you need ketchup, too.
  21. Soft pretzels.

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