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Ketchup Leather: Cool Or Gross? You Decide

Is it really the culinary revolution we've been waiting for?

Soggy burger buns got you down?

Los Angeles restaurant Plan Check has a solution: a dehydrated square of ketchup that rehydrates when you place it on your burger patty.

The dry, flat sheet of ketchup leather is made from tomato paste, soy sauce, garlic, and spices, according to Tech Insider. The result looks like a cross between fruit leather and a piece of red tissue paper.

"It dehydrates into sheets very similar to a fruit roll-up texture and consistency, but with a ketchup flavour, obviously," Chef Ernesto Uchimura told CBC Radio host Carol Off.

Asked if the product is anything like the crusty, dried ketchup in the bottom of ketchup bottles, Uchimura replied "It's kind of like that, but in a more controlled way and it's more palatable."

Some people on Twitter don't seem too psyched about that:

Still, the product has been lauded as a culinary revolution. After all, it is a less messy reinvention of the age-old Heinz favorite.

Among the various reactions to ketchup leather, The Atlantic suggests the invention is indicative of a larger issue -- that is, a culture that trains us to see small inconveniences like, say, a soggy burger bun, as a real "problem" that requires a new invention to solve it and simplify our lives.

So, is ketchup leather the product we've all been waiting for, or an unnecessary innovation? Either way, you can't argue with anyone who takes a risk in the kitchen.

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