Ketchup On Hot Dogs: Okay Or Not Okay?

There's a war raging in our country right now, and the source of this conflict is ketchup. More specifically, the dispute concerns whether or not ketchup belongs on hot dogs. There are those who enjoy hot dogs but would never, ever, dare to "taint" them with ketchup. (Most of these people come from the Chicago area.) But then other hot-dog consumers feel that a little ketchup on top, or even a lot, tastes great on a dog.

We were not aware of how passionatly people felt about the ketchup-on-a-hot-dog issue until we recently published a video and a blog post that dealt more or less with this subject. We were inundated with comments vehemently defending both sides.

To better look at the dispute, we've gathered the most interesting arguments. Check out the slideshow below to read the comments -- they are illuminating to say the least. (We were told that in some states, restaurants will kick you out if you ask for ketchup to top your hot dog. You might want to start topping your hot dog with caution.)

Ketchup On Hot Dogs?