9 Kick-Ass Ketchup Recipes You Can Make Yourself

Some folks are fine with humble Heinz. But for the more refined palette, nothing less than black truffle ketchup will do.

Good thing you don't have to blow a paycheck at Whole Foods to get gourmet ketchup.

This convenient guide from Rodale's Organic Life provides recipes for sweet and savory ketchup concoctions you can make at home, like chipotle lime ketchup with Spanish spices and cherry pepper ketchup that gets a sweet zip from freshly cut fruit.

The guide depicts these ketchup homebrews in squeeze bottles, but beware: If you add an ingredient such as chopped-up onions, for example, you're gonna have trouble getting the ketchup out of a teensy squeeze nozzle. Better go with the big ol' wide-mouth bottle instead.

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