Kettle Resembles Hitler On J.C. Penney Billboard, Passersby Say (PHOTO)

LOOK: This Billboard Is Inciting Controversy

Drivers on Interstate 405 near Culver City, Calif., may have noticed something odd recently: a billboard advertising... Adolf Hitler?

That's at least what some on Twitter and Reddit have pointed out regarding a new J.C. Penney advertisement alongside the highway. Take a look for yourself; the tea kettle does bear a striking resemblance to the infamous Nazi leader.

A photo of the billboard, taken by a Reddit user, is pictured alongside a blurred version to better show the resemblance. (Photo via Imgur)

The kettle in question -- the Michael Graves Design Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle -- also appears on the department store's website.

We emailed J.C. Penney to find out more about the ad, but did not immediately receive a response Monday afternoon.

Sure enough, the Twitterverse had some things to say about the billboard.

Update, May 28: J.C. Penney responded to our question on Twitter.

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