This 'Keurig For Cocktails' Would Make A Damn Good Gift For Mom

And it's on sale.

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Social distancing might be keeping us from going to restaurants and bars, but that hasn’t stopped many of us from bringing the happy hour home. Liquor lovers everywhere are bookmarking alcohol delivery places, pouring a glass and logging on for Zoom chats with their family and friends.

Some of us might be using the newfound “quaran-time” to recreate Stanley Tucci’s cocktail recipes, but there’s something to be said for a bartender’s touch. By the time you hand-squeeze enough limes for a fresh margarita, figure out how much agave nectar is needed and clean up the mess you’ve made, you’re probably ready for drink No. 2.

That’s where this “Keurig for cocktails” comes in. The Drinkmaker is a machine that makes cocktails, brews and mixers in a minute or less.

It’s created by Drinkworks Home Bar, a Keurig brand, and it works just like the beloved pod-fueled coffeemaker that’s become a staple in American households.

To use, you pop in a pre-made drink pod, let the machine analyze it for the precise amount of chilled water and carbonation needed, press the button and voila! You’ve got a perfectly mixed alcoholic beverage ready in seconds.

Some might say this Keurig for cocktails is the <em> only</em> acceptable gift for mom these days.
Some might say this Keurig for cocktails is the only acceptable gift for mom these days.

If you were on the fence about whether or not The Drinkmaker is worth it, it normally retails for $300, but is currently on sale for $200 for Mother’s Day. It would make one damn good gift for the mom who’s grown tired of “wine o’clock” and could use a high-quality cocktail without the hassle. Some might say it’s the only acceptable gift for Mom this Mother’s Day.

You can choose from more than 24 drink pods, like Moscow Mules, Old Fashioned, Peach Sangria and Stella Artois Cidre. The pods contain everything you need to make the drink — including the alcohol.

Each flavor package contains four pods, retailing for $20, which averages to about $5 a drink. The Drinksworks Pods are available for purchase directly from Drinkworks or Drizly. (And, obviously, you must be older than 21 to order them.)

The best part is you don’t have to toss any of these pods in the trash when you’re done. Drinkworks has teamed up with Loop, waste-free retailer, to offer free and convenient up-cycling of Drinkworks Pods. You’ll receive a Loop recycle bag with The Drinkmaker, as well as a water filter, CO2 cartridges, a pack of cleaning tablets and complimentary coasters.

As warmer weather approaches and social distancing measures remain in place for bars and restaurants for our safety, this little gadget might be exactly what mom needs to enjoy her favorite cocktail with ease.

Keep in mind that The Drinkmaker is only available for sale in select states at the moment, so do your research before you buy.