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Kevin Bacon Got Bullied By High Schoolers While Prepping For 'Footloose'


Back in 1984, Kevin Bacon did not have the fame he has now. The burgeoning star enjoyed enough anonymity to go to high school in Provo, Utah, for a day while prepping to film his iconic role as Ren McCormack in "Footloose," and his experience did not go as planned.

In the span of one school day, Bacon became the target of bullying, found a friend in a "corn-fed kid" who took Bacon under his wing and ended the day amazed at how "terrifying" high school could be. Only the school's principal knew of Bacon's experiment.

Bacon stopped by HuffPost LIve with his brother, Michael, to chat about the pair's upcoming album, "36 Cents," with their band, the Bacon Brothers, and he shared the tale of his day as a faux high school student.

"I '21 Jump Street'-ed myself into the high school, and honestly it had very, very profound effect on the way that I played the part," Bacon told host Ricky Camilleri. "It was terrifying day where a city kid goes to a farmers' day school. ... People made fun of my tie, made fun of my hair, made fun of the whole thing."

Bacon's memory was jogged by John Lithgow, who visited HuffPost Live on Aug. 19, and how Lithgow met with a local minister to help prepare for his role of Reverend Shaw Moore in "Footloose."

Catch the rest of the clip above, and watch the entire HuffPost Live conversation here.

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