Driver Accused Of Hitting Squad Car While Looking For 'Saved By The Bell' Clip On Phone

Vermont police said Kevin Bacon -- not the actor -- was especially interested in an episode called "Screech's Spaghetti Sauce."

In case you weren’t aware, driving on the open road is not the time for looking up “Saved by the Bell” TV show clips on your phone.

A Vermont man learned that lesson the hard way Thursday afternoon when he sideswiped a police car while trying to find an episode of the venerable 1990s sitcom on the internet.

Police arrested 55-year-old Kevin Bacon ― who, it must be emphasized is NOT the actor ― after he hit a Thetford Police Department squad car, according to The Smoking Gun.

The officer was aiding a motorist on Interstate 91 when Bacon collided with the police cruiser, according to WCAX-TV. 

Bacon didn’t seem to notice what happened and continued to drive for a short distance. He then stopped the car before “fleeing the scene of the crash,” the station reported.

Bacon was nabbed a mile from the crash scene.

According to a Vermont State Police report, Bacon was looking down at his phone at the time of the crash.

The object of his attention, the report said, was “Screech’s Spaghetti Sauce,” an episode from 1992 that, according to IMDB, centers on a particularly flavorful spaghetti sauce that Screech makes during a campus TV show.

The police report does not note why Bacon was interested enough in that episode that he allegedly had to research it from behind the wheel. 

Bacon was charged with gross negligent operation of a vehicle and leaving the scene of a crash. He was also issued a traffic citation for texting while driving.

His next scheduled court date is July 31. 

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