Kevin Bacon Will Come After You If You Talk Or Text During A Movie

"Drop your phone and put your hands in the air."


Kevin Bacon has a badge, and he'll use it to shut you up. In a fun public service announcement from Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on how to behave at the movies, the actor plays a cop who breaks through the screen barrier to silence the talking and texting shmos.

"Hey, you. Drop your phone and put your hands in the air," he tells one audience member. "I sentence you to life in jail for crimes against cinema."

You tell 'em, Kevin.

The short cleverly ties in with Bacon's new role as a corrupt sheriff in the thriller "Cop Car," which will be released in August. In fact, it's "Cop Car" that's playing during the clip when Bacon busts in.

But we wish the actor could pop up in uniform anytime someone interrupts a film.

 H/T Uproxx


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