Kevin Costner Testifies Before Congress On Gulf Oil Spill (VIDEO)

WATCH: Kevin Costner Testifies Before Congress, Says Oil Industry Has 'Legal Obligation To Protect' The Sea

Actor Kevin Costner testified today in Washington before the House Energy and Environment subcommittee during a Congressional hearing investigating the Gulf oil spill. He is considered an expert on separating oil from water since he is a proponent of and investor in an oil-separating technology, Ocean Therapy Solutions, which has created a machine that purifies water using centrifugal force.

Costner was quick to admonish the oil industry as a whole, not only for BP's poor response to the spill, but for all of the oil giants' lack of investment in oil spill prevention and clean up technology as a whole, including his own company's machine, which separates oil from water. Costner said, "It was hard for me to fathom how we could engineer nuclear power and put a man on the moon but somehow not muster the technology to clean up an oil disaster of our own making."

Costner discussed in detail the advantages and efficacy of his business venture's product, and implored the importance of mandating more safety measures for the oil industry, saying, "We've legislated life preservers. We've legislated fire extinguishers. We've legislated lifeboats and first aid kits. It seems logical that as long as the oil industry profits from the sea, they have the legal obligation to protect it."

WATCH Kevin Costner testify before Congress on the Gulf oil spill:

View the full testimony here.

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