Kevin Curwick, Minnesota Teen, Fights Cyberbullying With A Very Nice Twitter Account (TWEETS)

High School Football Captain Fights Cyberbullying With A Super Nice Twitter Account

Tired of seeing his classmates taunted on Twitter, a Minnesota teenager decided he would fight cyberbullying in his own way: by starting a Twitter account that would only spread good things in his school community, KARE News reports.

Kevin Curwick, 17, is the mastermind behind @OsseoNiceThings, a Twitter account that singles out the positive qualities of his classmates.

The account lauds musical talent...

And even gives a thumbs-up to a good attitude:

Curwick, football captain and senior at Osseo High School in Osseo, Minn., said he wanted to change the conversation in his school by highlighting the nice instead of the nasty.

"I wasn't personally attacked but it just hit me the wrong way, these were coming out about my friends. I want them to feel welcomed, be happy about what they are and what they contribute to Osseo," he told KARE of the cyberbullying that was affecting his schoolmates.

Curwick's idea has inspired similar Twitter accounts all across the state. According to the website, Minnetonka, Chanhassen and other metro area schools have followed Curwick's example with similar accounts.

These Twitter accounts are reminiscent of the Delete Day movement -- an initiative at a New York high school that sought to "erase" cyberbullying by getting students to take responsibility for their "online footprints."

"Any of the typical high school drama was intensified by the anonymity of the Internet. It became clear to us that the kids felt strongly about doing something about it," Allyson Gutierrez, a Service Homeroom Program Coordinator at The Mary Louis Academy, told The Huffington Post last year.

For more, read the full story from KARE here.

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