The Conversations Between This Teen And His Grandma BFF Are Totally Priceless

This is Kevin Droniak and his grandma. They’re besties, they’re awesome and they’re YouTube stars.

Droniak and his grandma's rise to viral stardom began about two years ago when the 17-year-old, wanting to share his firecracker of a granny and her priceless wisdom with the world, decided to set up a camera in his grandma’s car to capture their conversations.

That first video was an immediate hit, and since then, the teen has been recording his grandma on the sly, filming them in her car talking about everything from Miley Cyrus (who grandma seems to think is a classmate of Droniak’s) to Vine (“No, I don’t want to know what Vine is. What is it?”) to how babies are made and what she looks for in a man:

Earlier this month, Droniak finally revealed his tricks to his nan, screening her viral YouTube videos for her to see. Grandma's reaction? Pure gold:

Since his big reveal, Droniak says his grandma has become increasingly hesitant about being filmed. Still, he's promised his many fans that he and grandma will continue to make videos, and he says they’ll be even “better” than they already are.

That'll likely be music to the ears of many of Droniak's 146,000-plus subscribers.

"BEST CHANNEL EVER," declared one YouTuber after watching one of Droniak's many grandma videos.

"Grandma is the best!" wrote another. "Love these two."



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