Kevin Durant Dunks In Drew League Loss And Baron Davis Owes The Game $50K (VIDEO)

The last time we saw Kevin Durant in a summer league game, he was on the wrong end of a blocked layup. Durant made another appearance—this time in The Drew League—and now he's making the highlights. He used his famously long wingspan to score the dunk in the clip above. He didn't catch any bodies in this throw down because of the sad lack of defense in this clip, but it still got the audience excited.

Durant was part of Baron Davis' LAUNFD team, which was playing against The Game's Money Gang. This piece of information is important because Davis did bet The Game $50,000 on this matchup. Durant revealed the results of the game on Twitter:

Not even Durant's 35 points and 17 rebounds could prevent Davis from taking this L. Looks like someone needs to pay up.