Kevin Durant Eviscerates Fox Sports Commentator Who Complimented Him

The Brooklyn Nets star turned Skip Bayless' gush into mush.

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets saved his best shot for after the game on Tuesday.

The star forward scored 34 points in the COVID-depleted Nets’ overtime victory over visiting Toronto ― and got a fawning shoutout from Fox Sports’ Skip Bayless of FS1′s “Undisputed.”

“The Best Player on the Planet was at it again tonight in Brooklyn, going assassin in overtime for the COVID-rocked Nets,” Bayless tweeted. “Nothing like Kevin Durant. You watch, Bron?”

Bayless, who traffics in negative hot takes on LeBron James, would get no love back from Durant. Quite the opposite.

Check out the Olympic gold medal winner’s dagger of a response:

“I really don’t like u,” Durant wrote back.

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