Kevin Federline Hospitalized In Australia

KFed's surely feeling the heat these days. One month after photos emerged of an out-of-shape Kevin Federline hitting the Los Angeles streets topless, with a noticeably pudgy waistline, Britney Spears' former husband has been hospitalized in Australia for heat stress. People magazine reports that the dancer-turned-rapper was at work in Outback Western Australia for the television show "Excess Baggage," which chronicles weight-loss for the Nine Network, when he succumbed to the sweltering heat.

"During the shoot, under advice from the show's medic, Kevin was taken to hospital as he was showing signs of heat stress," Adrian Motte, a rep for the show, told People.

Thirty-three-year-old Federline, father to Spears' two children, most recently welcomed his fifth child, daughter Jordan Kay, with his girlfriend Victoria Prince, in August.