Kevin Gallagher Films 2,175 Mile, 6-Month Journey Along The Appalachian Trail (VIDEO)

Kevin Gallagher, a Richmond, Virginia-based filmmaker, took footage from his six-month trek along the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail and condensed and reinterpreted it into one five minute video.

(According to, the unofficial record for completing the Trail was set in 2005 by runner Andrew Thompson.)

That same year, Gallagher hiked the Trail and stopped every 24 hours to get pictures of the route. By the end of his 6-month journey, he had 4,000 slides. Though the project sat for a few years, Gallagher finally hired a friend, he told, to write the soundtrack and the short film, called "The Green Tunnel," is now being shown in some galleries and small theaters--it only hit the web last week.