Kevin Garnett Choke: Celtics Star Misses Shot Then Puts Hand To Throat Of Knicks Player (VIDEO)

Over four quarters, the Knicks-Celtics game was remarkably hard fought. However, a case can certainly be made that the Celtics choked away a win they had in hand. Having taken control of the season-opening Atlantic Division tilt with a dominating third quarter effort -- negating an similarly impressive first quarter by New York -- the Celtics seemed fully in control as the game entered the fourth.

But Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony put his team on his shoulders down the stretch, scoring 17 fourth quarter points. Anthony's final two points came on free throws in the waning moments. After being fouled with the game tied, 104-104, and 16 seconds remaining on the clock, Anthony sunk both free throws.

Given a chance to tie the game for his team, Kevin Garnett got enough space for an open midrange jumper from the wing. But the shot didn't fall. The Celtics had blown their fourth quarter lead, Garnett had missed a makeable shot with the game on the line and the Garden was jubilant.

After missing that final field goal attempt, Garnett then got into a heated exchange with Knicks player Bill Walker, who had contested the shot. Garnett had a few words for his former teammate and then put his hand to his throat. Stopping short of going full-on Sprewell on Walker, Garnett still shoved him back by the throat. Baron Davis, wearing street clothes as he recovers from an injury, quickly intervened on Walker's behalf.

Will Garnett be suspended for this? What would happen to Walker if he dared to put his hands on the neck of a superstar like Garnett?


A. Sherrod Blakely of reported that Garnett, who refused to talk about the altercation with Walker after the game, may face a suspension for the incident. Walker, however, didn't shy away from talking about what happened.

"I guess he got mad I contested his shot. He grabbed my hand, tangled it up. I pulled my hand away, and then we had a situation," he said. "I'm a grown-up. You put your hands on my face, what part of the game is that? You know what the man does. Would you want me to put my hands on your face and push you away? I'm a man at the end of the day. It's disrespectful. You should not do that to any man."