Kevin Hart Comments On Bill Cosby Allegations

Kevin Hart is featured on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, and the in-depth profile touches everything from his income to his personal life. Also mentioned is Hart's admiration for Bill Cosby, who he's described as a longtime hero. THR reports that Hart still has a giant portrait of the comedian on his wall, despite the recent allegations of sexual abuse against Cosby.

When asked if he thinks Cosby is guilty -- here's a full timeline of the accusations against the 77-year-old comic -- Hart said, "Right now, it's a lot of speculation. All I can do is just say my prayers, and my wishes go out to all of the women who are potentially involved. His personal life has nothing to do with me. I can't control it. I will never try. It doesn't stop me from being an admirer of his work. His work and his personal life are two separate things."

Back in 2012, Hart described why Cosby inspired him in an interview with SiriusXM. "Bill Cosby made it cool to talk about real life and marriage and kids," he said. "Things that people didn't think about at one point in time in show business. You don't have to be filthy to make people laugh."

For the full profile of Kevin Hart, head over to The Hollywood Reporter.



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