Kevin Hart Does His Best David Beckham Impression For H&M (UPDATE)

One of them is not too happy about it.

UPDATE: The full-length Modern Essentials campaign, featuring David Beckham and a very enthusiastic Kevin Hart, is here!

The clever, adorable 7-minute video features more of the same goodness from the trailer and then some. Hart admittedly goes a little overboard in his mission to embody Beckham for an "upcoming role" in a faux biopic about the soccer star, using Beckham's toothbrush, getting into his bed and taking his car out for a joyride.

We'll let you find out for yourself if he's successful in the role below.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right Kevin Hart?

David Beckham and Hart were spotted together in NYC back in July, wearing a slew of matching outfits in what was rumored to be a new H&M campaign. Those rumors were confirmed Tuesday morning when the brand released a trailer for its "Modern Essentials" ad, starring the two charming guys.

The LOL-worthy clips feature Hart moving into Beckham's house, attempting (and failing) an ice bath and even taking a stab at that dreamy accent. Hart is admittedly more enthusiastic about the odd coupling, as Beckham asks, "How long are you staying?"

Of course, the one-sided relationship is strictly for on-camera purposes. In a release from the brand, Beckham called Hart "one of the funniest, smartest guys around." Hart, on the other hand, explained why starring in a campaign with the athlete was extra exciting.

"To be able to make fun of a global icon like David Beckham is a comedian’s dream. I love fashion as much as I love sports, which is why I was so excited to star in David’s new H&M campaign," he said.

If the trailer is any indication of what's to come Sept. 28, we can't wait to see it.

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