Kevin Hart Hilariously Mocks Dwayne Johnson's Laziness On 'Jumanji' Set

Hart's impression of The Rock is too funny.
Friendship goals. 
Friendship goals. 

When it comes to celebrity BBFs, Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seem like the real deal. 

The two, who are currently filming the “Jumanji” remake, clearly love joking around with each other, giving us plenty of entertaining moments on social media. 

Just yesterday, Johnson and Hart shared the video below, in which the former rides around on set while the comedian walks beside the vehicle’s window, mocking The Rock with every step. 

“This is what happens when my lazy ass co star @therock decides to ride past me on set,” Hart captioned the clip. “Lmmmmaaaaooooo My impression was dead on lmao Non stop laughs with this guy!!!” 

Meanwhile, Johnson wrote, “His final ‘Rock impression’ at the end kills me,” adding, “Luv this dude to death. We’re havin’ a blast with Jack Black and @karengillanofficial! Never a dull moment on this crazy set.” 

“Jumanji” is set to hit theaters in summer 2017. 



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