Watch Kevin Hart Totally Lose It When He Sees A Giant Python

Pray for Kev, everybody.
"AH GOD!" 
"AH GOD!" 

Kevin Hart is no Steve Irwin, that's for sure. 

The "Ride Along 2" comedian and his co-star Ice Cube were treated to a slimy surprise on Australia's "Today" show. The two got to meet creatures from Australia's Wild Animal Encounters, and Hart was not having it. 

"We can't curse on here, right?" Hart said as he made his way over to the animals. As he got closer to the scaly guests, the 36-year-old jokingly said, "I just got a little bit of gas!" 

True to his name, Ice Cube managed to maintain his cool, but Hart abso-freaking-lutely lost it when the handler introduced them to a MASSIVE python. Can you blame him?  

As the "Today" show said on Facebook, "LOL, welcome to Straya, boys!" 


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