Kevin Judd's 'Party Rock' House In Riverside, CA Banned By Angry Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Association Ruins Halloween For Everyone

A dazzling Halloween lights show in a Riverside, Calif. neighborhood is coming to an end thanks to the efforts of a local homeowners association.

Kevin Judd, the homeowner who drew thousands to his neighborhood (and over ten million views to YouTube) to see his spectacular "Party Rock Anthem" Halloween decorations, has drawn the ire of the Euclid Management Homeowners Association, reports Aol Real Estate.

The HOA informed Judd back in March that a new set of "Holiday Display" rules banned "extreme" home displays. Judd claims that the new rules essentially shut down his operation -- something that took five years for him to perfect.

Despite support from Riverside Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge and the fact that some neighbors were able to make some money off the approximately 2,000 people per night that visited the street during Halloween season last year, Judd appears to have been hemmed in by the HOA.

"I was thinking about just putting some pumpkins on my lawn this year, but people keep telling me to just forget the HOA and have another display this Halloween," he said to Aol Real Estate. "What's the worst they could do?"

Check out more examples of Halloween light shows and let us know in the comments below: should Judd go rogue?

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