Kevin McCaffery, Gay Kentucky Llama Farmer, Risks Losing Animals After Being Fired

A gay Kentucky resident's farm is now in jeopardy after he was fired from his job.

Buzzfeed exclusively reports the story of Kevin McCaffery, whose 18-acre LLA-Nanny Farms is home to rescued llamas, cats, dogs, chickens, donkeys and pigs.

Some years ago, McCaffery returned to work as the director of an Ashland day care center, but says he was forced to resign. Despite having resorted to buying cheaper food for his animals, McCaffery is now struggling to fund LLA-Nanny Farms.

He's since launched a GoFundMe donation page in an effort to raise money for the menagerie. Ar present, over $15,000 in money has been raised since McCaffery's story broke on Buzzfeed and was subsequently reported by The Daily Mail and other media outlets.

In November, college volleyball coach James Finley came forward with allegations of workplace discrimination, claiming he was fired for being gay.

Earlier this month, a straight, married assistant principal of an Ohio Catholic school was terminated after he penned an emotional blog post backing gay marriage on his personal website.

CLARIFICATION: A previous headline on this story indicated that McCaffery was fired for being gay. McCaffery made this claim and sued his former employer, Ashland Child Development Center. The court rejected the lawsuit and ACD maintains that the accusation is false.



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