Kevin McCarthy’s Tweet About The House Speaker Vote … Did Not Age Well

After Rep. Matt Gaetz announced he planned to file a “ motion to vacate the chair,” McCarthy tweeted out three words: “Bring it on.”

Recently ousted House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) learned the hard way to be careful what you tweet for.

That’s because a tweet sent Monday night by McCarthy in reaction to the attempts made by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) to remove him from his position hasn’t aged well.

After Gaetz announced he planned to file a “motion to vacate the chair,” translated as trying to boot the speaker, McCarthy decided to talk tough and tweeted out three words: “Bring it on.”

Gaetz almost immediately responded with his own bit of tough-talking snark.

As you are probably aware, McCarthy’s “Bring it on” message didn’t age too well. The House voted to remove him as the speaker with a vote of 216 to 210. Eight Republicans joined 208 Democrats in voting against McCarthy.

Not surprisingly, many people on social media were happy to pile on the House speak.., er, former House speaker.

Although McCarthy could fight to win back the job, he said Tuesday night that he wouldn’t. The House will not have a leader until it elects a new speaker.

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