Kevin Michael Connolly's Bilateral Amelia: 'Armed & Ready' Star Opens Up About Living Without Legs

For Kevin Michael Connolly, shattering people's expectations has become a hobby. Born with a condition called bilateral amelia, the legless X Games silver medalist-turned-TV star refuses to let his condition slow him down.

"I've always had to solve my challenges one step at a time, one day at a time," he explains on Monday's episode of "Anderson Cooper Live." "There's never been a blueprint for my life."

The thrill-seeking host of Travel Channel's "Armed and Ready" hopes to use the medium to inspire others to travel, regardless of their mental or physical challenges.

"The opportunity to both occupy and express a really unique point of view, for me, is a way more valuable of a commodity than being able to reach stuff on a tall shelf," Connolly says.

Often seen propelling himself with his arms on his skateboard, the TV host refrains from using prosthetics, telling Anderson Cooper he's no longer willing to wear "stilts" to avoid drawing attention to himself.

"We all stare. Everybody stares, whether you're tall, short, skinny, fat, no legs, whatever," he explains. "You're going to stare at anything that sits outside of your status quo."

So how has he been able to persevere? For Connolly, the answer is simple: "Irish stubbornness."

Kevin Michael Connolly: Armed And Ready