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Kevin Michael Connolly Loves Bozeman, Montana

In a largely rural state, you had a cosmopolitan vibe about you.
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A Montana native, Kevin Michael Connolly is a prominent photographer and mono-skier. Despite being born without legs -- or maybe because of it -- Connolly has traveled the world taking pictures, surfing and generally getting into mischief. "Armed & Ready," his new show for the Travel Channel will premier on February 26 and feature Connolly's many adventures.
Dear Bozeman,

I'm writing this letter because I need to tell you some things and it's easier to get my thoughts on paper than going around yelling at your buildings and sidewalks. It's no secret our relationship has been on the rocks these past few weeks. When I came home to visit you the other day, you were so cold to me that a pipe burst in my apartment. Then you brought in the blizzards and the bad weather.

I know you have a very seasonal personality and you've told me it's "That Time of the Year," but this is pretty extreme.

Is it because you're jealous that I've been going to visit other cities? We've had this discussion before, but you know that I'm really not that into them. I've just been hanging with them for work these past few months. New York was great to party with, but he was always the loudest wherever we went. I enjoyed L.A., though after a while she started to seem a little shallow. Even Washington D.C. was fun, though he always overdressed.

None of them were your equal.

No, you were unique. In a largely rural state, you had a cosmopolitan vibe about you. Maybe it was the university that kept you relevant. Regardless, you always felt like the hip college kid who just got back from the city whenever we hung out. When the time came for me to finally leave Helena at eighteen, I knew it was time to take our relationship to the next level. Moving in to your place felt like a natural step.

Also, compared to Helena, you were - ahem - very well endowed. With three big-mountain ski hills right around your borders, it was hard to stay focused on just your city limits. But when I finally managed to pull my eyes away from your physical beauty, you opened me up to some amazing people and organizations.

Whether it was learning to ski through Eaglemount's adaptive ski program, or spending my college years at Montana State University - I was always finding something in you that helped make me a better person. And it was fun! Whether I was skiing, skating, or kayaking - there was always something to do. Not that we didn't have a few rough patches in those early days. I remember you calling the cops on me once after a film project went awry. I still have the news clippings.

Now that we're both older, it's been wonderful to witness our relationship blossom into something more mature. I used to just be obsessed with riding your mountains, but now that I'm out of college and more focused on my career and "adult life" -- it's good to see that we haven't outgrown each other just yet. Whether its Autopilot Design (the company that builds my adaptive gear), Ph.D. Skis (an awesome ski shop that's had my back since I was a kid) or Dave's Sushi (as good as the stuff I've had in Tokyo), I feel like I can fulfill almost any need when I'm with you.

I know you're small, but you're pretty big on characters.

Maybe we should have a nice romantic evening this week to smooth things over. Don't think I've forgotten how much you like hot wax and rose petals on your sidewalks.

Take care, Bozeman.


P.S. Would you mind paying for that broken water pipe? Also, you gave me some parking tickets last week that I wouldn't mind you forgetting about. Possible?