Kevin Smith Defends "Twilight" (VIDEO)


Give Kevin Smith a microphone and he'll talk. Give him an audience, and he'll talk for hours. Here, Smith wins over an audience of rowdy comic book fans with his defense of "Twilight" and its stars "Woflboy" and "Fangboy" (Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, respectively).

Urging them not to pass judgment on the vampire extravaganza, Smith points out the hypocrisy of comic book nerds:

"People will come to a convention, stand there in a Spock costume and will look at a somebody in a Chewie costume and be like, 'look at that fucking geek'... How dare you pass judgment on those twelve-year-old girls who like vampires?"

He goes on to add that the film's dialogue doesn't have to be good, but "just has to feel tween angsty." The clip runs just under four minutes, but given Smith's track record, it's possible this rant went on until all hours of the night.


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