Kevin Smith Talks 'Fat Director' Mess And How Tiger Woods Saved Him (VIDEO)

Kevin Smith stopped by HuffPost Live on April 18, and opened up about his now infamous feud with Southwest Airlines.

Smith, 42, made headlines in February 2010, after he was deemed "too fat" to fly when he didn't fit comfortably into his seat. The director was flying standby on a full plane, and since there was no extra seat for him to purchase, he was asked to get off the plane.

Smith was simply not impressed, or placated by the $100 voucher offered to him by the airline, took to Twitter to complain about the incident to his millions of followers.

"I'm happy to say it now, it was the worst thing that ever happened to me, in my life at that point. If you can say that you're doing pretty good in life." Smith told HuffPost Live host Alicia Menendez of the incident. "That being said, it sucked."

Though Smith had to endure a few days and "500 articles" that referred to him as "fat director," the media soon found a far bigger and more scandalous story to sink its teeth into.

"You couldn't do anything worse to me than be like, 'you fat piece of [expletives].' And they did that for three or four days straight, and then Tiger Woods came out and said, 'I cheated on my wife.' And everyone forgot about my fat ass for a long, long time."

Smith said that growing up he felt as though being called "fat" was the worst thing someone could call him, but after living through ordeal and having thousands of people refer to him as just that, he thinks it's made him a stronger person.

"It was a weird time and it was pretty heinous, but I came out of it at the end of the day a little bit better for it. Just because you clear your closet of skeletons, there's nowhere to hide anymore."

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