Kevin Smith Hulu Series: Website Announces 'Spoilers' Among New Summer Programming

Kevin Smith Heads To Hulu With 'Spoilers'

Kevin Smith is getting hyped for this season's blockbusters.

Looking to capitalize on the summer, Hulu has revealed its programming for the season, which will feature the new original movie-centric series "Spoilers" with Smith, as well as two other original series and seven Hulu exclusive shows. The programs range from comedy to sci-fi, travel to reality and magic to drama.

"I have always wanted to do a show that provides an open forum for real fans to discuss real movies in real time and that's what 'Spoilers' is about. As a filmmaker and lover of movies, I understand that ultimately it's the fans who make the film. So in this show, we do not review movies, we revere them," Smith said in a statement.

"Spoilers" can be seen on Hulu on Mondays beginning June 4.

Find out more about the rest of Hulu's summer series below.

  • "Spoilers" is a movie "revue" that will feature Kevin Smith, "Clerks" director, as he sits down with special guests and movie lovers to discuss the summer's biggest movies.
  • "Up To Speed" is Richard Linklater's ("Bernie," "Dazed and Confused") new travel series, which visits America's unappreciated monuments. This Hulu original series premieres in August.
  • "We Got Next" follows four men's pick-up basketball team and their dysfunctional friendship similar to "The League". It also premieres in August.
  • "Rev." follows Reverend Adam Smallbone, played by Tom Hollander ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), a newly promoted vicar who has moved from a small parish to East London to the inner-city. Moral dilemmas ensue for this newly-urban vicar. This Hulu exclusive premieres June 3.
  • "The Yard" is a six-part mocumentary miniseries that follows the conflicts of two rival gangs of elementary school children. Originally aired on HBO Canada, it has been compared by critics to "The Wire" and "The Sopranos," but with school children. It premieres June 7.
  • "Derren Brown: Inside Your Mind" delivers the elaborate feats and magic of Derren Brown, England's multi-award winning performer, to the states. It also premieres July 7.
  • "The Booth at the End" returns for a second season in July. Xander Berkeley ("24", "Nikita") stars as a mysterious man who can fulfill wishes, given that the requester performs cryptic tasks for him.
  • "Pramface" brings baby drama as two teenagers, Jamie and Laura, hook up one night and find that Laura has become pregnant. Faced with an unexpected baby on the way, the teens try to figure out their lives and what their future holds. Originally aired on BBC Three, it premieres on Hulu July 19.
  • "The Promise" is a four-part drama that explores how events 60 years ago affected the beginnings of the conflict in the Middle East. It cuts between Erin, a young Londoner in present-day Israel and Gaza, and her grandfather's life in Palestine. It premieres August 11.
  • "Little Mosque" is a half-hour comedy series about a small Muslim community that uses the parish hall of a church as a mosque. Available in 90 countries, "Little Mosque," which premieres June 28, deals with issues that the Muslim community faces.

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