Massage Therapist Who Accused Kevin Spacey Of Sexual Assault Dies

The anonymous man’s lawsuit against the actor had been moving forward at the time.

An anonymous massage therapist who accused Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him died as his lawsuit against the actor proceeded, the man’s attorney confirmed Wednesday.

Spacey’s attorneys filed a notice in federal court Tuesday stating that the accuser’s legal team notified them on Sept. 11 that its client had “recently passed,” The Hollywood Reporter and Variety first reported.

The circumstances of his death have not yet been released.

The individual, listed only as “John Doe” in the lawsuit, had accused Spacey of groping him and trying to force him into oral sex in 2016 during a private massage session at a private residence in Malibu, California.

Jennifer Keller, an attorney representing Spacey, told HuffPost that she was not given details about Doe’s death. She declined to comment further.

“Mr. Doe was a dignified, kind, middle-aged man traumatized by Spacey’s alleged sexually depraved attack,” Doe’s attorney, Genie Harrison, said in a statement Wednesday. “As a result of this case, other victims from around the world have reached out to our firm. Mr. Doe believed their harrowing stories, and in his final months he looked forward to standing up for all of them. His fight for justice is still very much alive.”

Spacey has been accused of sexual misconduct by over a dozen men, including actors Anthony Rapp and Harry Dreyfuss, the son of Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss.

A lawsuit accusing Spacey of groping an 18-year-old busboy was dismissed after the plaintiff pleaded the Fifth Amendment during an evidentiary hearing. He had claimed the “American Beauty” actor grabbed his genitals in 2016 at a bar where he worked in Nantucket.

Doe, who filed his lawsuit against Spacey in 2018, alleged the actor grabbed his hand as he was massaging his leg and pulled it onto his scrotum. Doe said he pulled away but Spacey later grabbed his hand again and forced him to rub his penis and scrotum.

Doe then tried to leave the room as a naked Spacey walked toward him, grabbed his genitals over his clothing and requested to perform oral sex on the massage therapist, according to the lawsuit.

“This is over ― just let me go,” Doe allegedly told Spacey. He said he was able to leave, but not before the actor blocked the door.

Spacey has denied the allegation.

This article has been updated with more details about the allegation by John Doe and comment from attorneys representing Spacey and Doe.