Prince Charles Knights Kevin Spacey, Sparks Photoshop Battle

The internet did what it does best.

A Hollywood star receives an honorary knighthood from British royalty, and how does the internet react?

With a classic Photoshop battle, of course.

Prince Charles bestowed the prestigious title on Kevin Spacey at Clarence House on Thursday.

The 56-year-old was made a Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his services to theater, the arts and international culture.

"I may play a President on TV, but in real life I'm now a Sir," Spacey posted to Twitter. "Thanks HRH—what a prince of a guy!"

That may not be strictly true as Spacey won't be able to call himself Sir Kevin, according to Yahoo! Movies, because he is from outside the Commonwealth.

But that little fact didn't stop Redditors from responding with a series of hilariously manipulated images, such as this one depicting Spacey as a "Sir," dressed in the full regalia of a British knight.

Clearly, some think it’s all a big joke.

If Frank Underwood really was President...

A "Se7en" reunion.

Prince Charles doesn't look too happy about being with "The Hound" from “Game of Thrones.

Prince Philip, Prince Charles' father, makes a sly appearance in this shot:

A classic face swap.

They are "The Usual Suspects."

And again...

And a final one, inspired by Spacey's 1999 comedy-drama "American Beauty."