Kevin Spacey Proves Just How Ridiculous Female Celebrity Questions Are

Kevin Spacey's Reaction To Sexist Red Carpet Questions Is Hilariously Real

"When did you get up this morning to get ready?" "Have you been dieting for months?" "Do you have any Spanx on tonight?"

These questions are pretty run-of-the-mill for female celebrities any time they step onto a red carpet. But what happens when men are asked the same boring and superficial questions? Buzzfeed decided to find out and asked a completely unsuspecting Kevin Spacey a few sexist questions. His reactions were very telling.

In response to "Who did your hair?" Spacey replied, "It just happens, it's not a big deal." As the questions became more and more bizarre however, Spacey (rightfully so) was utterly perplexed: "Did you start smoking before you came here today?" and finally, "You guys are so f*****d up."

Women celebrities have been subjected to these monotonous "rabbit food" questions time and time again. But when Spacey was posed these questions he walked away after less than a minute of vapid probing. As we've seen from so many gender-swapped parodies, subjecting men to the biases and experiences women deal with reveals the depth of everyday sexism.

So yes, Mr. Spacey, it is so f****d up.

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