This “Office”-Themed Baby Halloween Costume Is Utterly Amazing

"Paper company accountant spilling a pot of chili” is our new favorite costume.

Halloween season is in full swing, which means it’s time for candy, haunted houses and, of course, adorable babies in costumes. If you’re looking for a creative idea for that last part, look no further than this tribute to “The Office.”

On Wednesday, BrandFire creative agency founder Adam Padilla posted a fake Amazon listing for a “paper company accountant spilling a pot of chili” costume for babies.

Padilla’s ersatz Amazon offering is a tribute to a hilarious and heartbreaking scene from the fifth season of “The Office” involving Dunder Mifflin accountant Kevin Malone and his “famous chili.” (That’s the NBC version of “The Office,” obviously ― a tribute to the U.K. version would probably involve a baby Keith eating a Scotch egg or something.)

“If you watch ‘The Office,’ you know that the ‘Kevin spilling the chili’ cold open was one of the most iconic TV moments in history,” Padilla told HuffPost. “It had the perfect buildup ― Kevin was so passionate about his family recipe. He was ready to share it, he walks in with this enormous pot full to the brim with his world-famous chili, and he just wipes out.”

“It’s the ultimate fail moment and is so meme-friendly because you feel it in the gut when you watch it,” he added. “So I wanted to pay tribute to that moment.”

Padilla posts an original meme every day on his Instagram account adam.the.creator. In December 2016, he sparked outrage with a fake Fisher-Price “Happy Hour Playset” that many people believed to be real.

Last October, Padilla created a series of fake baby Halloween costumes that went viral ― including get-ups of Post Malone, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Danielle “Cash Me Outside” Bregoli.

“It’s that time of year again, though, so I figured I’d take the concept back out for another spin,” Padilla said. “I’m glad I did, because this may be my best one yet.”

His other 2018 Halloween costumes for babies include UFC star Conor McGregor and a play on Elon Musk’s joint-smoking interview with Joe Rogan.

Still, “Paper company accountant spilling a pot of chili” has been his biggest hit by far, garnering more than 46,000 likes on Instagram ― as well as reposts from “The Office” cast members Jenna Fischer and Kevin himself, Brian Baumgartner.

“That was just a really awesome surprise moment for me,” Padilla said of seeing Fischer’s post, which received more than 300,000 likes. “Then I see Angela [Kinsey] comment on the post, and finally Brian Baumgartner himself reposted it, which is just the best.”

Padilla’s account features many other “Office” memes, like Dwight Schrute Oreos (beet-flavored, of course), and a “Young Schrute” TV show.

Padilla offered advice to fellow meme creators looking to go viral.

“Tap into something that is part of culture, and that you also feel something about,” he said. “Don’t fake it, and don’t try to adopt jokes that you don’t understand just to be cool. It never works and you wind up with something that is not authentic to you.”

“You can be as weird as you want as long as it’s original and true to yourself,” he added. “People will feel the difference and the content will be more likely to strike a chord in others.”